Westminster Colorado Secular         Buddhist Meditation

Secular Buddhism emphasizes a pragmatic practice and study of the Dharma from a non-religious perspective.  It focuses on the philosophical and realistic aspects of Buddhism. 

This philosophical orientation is non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-orthodox and non-metaphysical. 

We meet for the purpose of quiet and relaxed meditation, as well as educational and philosophical discussion about the key teachings of Buddhism.

Most Secular Buddhists do not believe in Karma, Re-birth, gods and goddesses, or other supernatural concepts.

Some may even identify as Atheists.

We may at times use Secular chanting for enjoyment and as a Mindfulness practice to enhance our focus on the present moment.

You can see more about this group, as well as RSVP your attendance at the link below:

  Westminster Colorado Secular Buddhist Meditation​​


          T'ai Chi and Qigong Classes

Eight Silken Forms (8 Brocades) Qigong
​Saturday, Nov 18th, 2017
10am to 12 noon
8778 Wolff Court #207
​Westminster, CO  80031
Fee:  50

To Register contact the instructor:
Click on "Contact Us" 
Or call 303-425-9583


Individual Private T'ai Chi and Qigong Lessons:

By Appointment only.
Instructor:  Mary M Foster, MA LPC
Fee:  $50/hour

For questions, or to register for these classes, please call 303-947-6847, or go to Contact Us page, and send an email to Mary.

For students interested in learning Tai Chi, please visit the website below (Qigong Studio of Colorado) to learn more about the required 6-week, pre-paid, non-refundable ($300), BASICS OF TAI CHI course, which must be completed prior to being considered as a student for the Yang Style 24 Forms Tai Chi set. 

Potential Qigong students are not required to complete the BTC course prior to registering for Qigong classes.

Tips for attending these classes:

       *Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing
       *Shoes without high heels, or you can
         practice in socks or bare feet.

For more information about classes, you can visit:

8778 Wolff Court #207

Westminster, CO  80031


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Mary M Foster, MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor